Raleigh Dance Theatre 

2022-2023 Season–Important dates and deadlines (as of 7/23/2022-all dates subject to change) RDT Orientation Monday, August 29 6:30-7:30 

Mandatory for all dancers and at least one parent of each dancer to attend. 

RDT Meet and Greet Potluck 5:30-6:30 Dancers and Parents invited 

Intensive rehearsal period Tuesday, August 30-Thursday, September 1, 2022 

Tuesday, September 6-Sunday, September 11, 2022 

(M-F 4:00-8:30; Sat 11:30-6; Sun 12-6) 

*Deadline Saturday, October 1, 2022 1st RDA/SE Festival payment due 

($200 non-refundable commitment to attend) 

GWN Assemblies Outreach events scheduled between October 24 and November 30, 2022 

In association with the George W. Newton School Outreach Program 

Dancers needed TBD 

Wake County Library Fall 2022, Dates TBD Dancers needed TBD Leaping Readers Events 

*Deadline Thursday, December 1, 2022 Fundraising requirement $500 due 

Storybook Tales Production: Friday, December 9, 2022 10:30am GWN Elementary School Performance Saturday, December 10, 2022 2pm and 6pm Public Performances 

Fletcher Opera Theatre, Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts 

*Deadline Wednesday, February 1, 2023 NCSA Festival fee due (amount TBD @ $350) 

Adjudication for RDA/SE February, 2023, Date TBD 

Festival All company members and apprentices must attend 

The Raleigh School of Ballet Studios 

UNCSA Festival of NC Dance February 24-26, 2023 

UNCSA, Winston Salem, NC 

(Required for students performing in selected piece) 

*Deadline Wednesday March 1, 2023 2nd RDA/SE Festival payment due amount ($400) 

Girl Scout Event – Sunday March 19, 2023, 2:00-4:00 

Make Every Dance Step Count The Raleigh School of Ballet studios Dancers needed TBD *Deadline Saturday, April 1, 2023 Final RDA/SE Festival payment due (amount TBD) 

RDA/SE Festival Thursday, April 27-Saturday, April 29, 2023 (Wednesday 4/26 and Sunday 4/30 are travel days) Montgomery, Alabama 

Required for all RDT full company members unless excused by RDT directors due to special circumstances.  Commitment to attend is required with deposit on October 1, 2022 

Estimated Cost @ $1200.00 includes travel. Apprentices: do not usually perform, and attendance is optional 

Spring Repertoire Production Saturday, April 22, 2023 and Sunday, April 23, 2023 3pm 

Cary Academy Theater 

Other dates of note: Rehearsals will be scheduled on Saturday, December 17 and Saturday, April 1 (leading into RSB Winter and Spring  breaks). Dancers should plan for rehearsals on the Sundays leading into production weeks. Ms Durbin’s piece will rehearse on Sunday,  October 23. Please especially consider the implications of taking two Saturdays off in a row. ALL ANTICIPATED CONFLICTS MUST  BE APPROVED.

Click Here for Virtual Bulletin Board (Private Link for dancers performing with RDT)